Meet My Family

My husband and I will be celebrating our 17th-year anniversary this June. Together we share three amazingly busy children. Our 15-year-old daughter is our oldest. She is wildly active,  leaving not a minute to spare in her day.  After school she is either getting to cheer practice where she cheers on Varsity for her high school, getting shuttled to dance where she has danced since she was a year and a half, or both. Next, is our bold, larger than life son. He is our 12- year- old. Basketball player, baseball player, and new to football this upcoming Fall. I coach his basketball team with two other incredible moms, and my husband coaches his baseball team. He is playing his last year in the Major League. Bitter-sweet, that’s for sure. It was just the four of us for what we thought would be our family. Well, our little guy had different plans for us. We were shocked to discover we had a little one on the way. Our daughter was 10 and son seven when he came along. Once reality set in, we were out of our minds excited for this little bundle to arrive. Now five, he is playing his second-year in “coach pitch” on the baseball field. The little guy grew up there and couldn’t stand the anticipation of the day he would get to swing that bat and run those bases. We can’t forget our furry friends, our Golden Doodle, and cat.

I want to share our stories of our family journey. We both work full time. My husband is in sales and baseball coach.  I am a school teacher by day, volleyball/basketball coach after school. Depending on the season.

We too lead a crazy life, just so you know… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

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